Having dinner with your family is always full of good times, plenty of laughs, and tons of good food. Whether it’s a holiday dinner your mom hosts every year or just you and your siblings catching up over take-out, you want to dress your best for these get-togethers. Part of that is finding the right fashion shoes for the occasion. Here’s how you can choose the best footwear for your next family dinner.

The Type of Dinner Can Help You Decide Between Casual and Classy

Not all family dinners are the same. Some are all about watching the football game and eating your favorite pizza. Others are fancy holiday get-togethers with a huge meal at the table. When picking out your shoes, it’s important to match them to the occasion. If it’s a casual meetup—not an official dinner but more of an excuse to hang out at Mom and Dad’s house—then casual shoes are on the menu. Think slides, sneakers, or booties. They all show your style in a laid-back environment. For a holiday dinner or to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, something more upscale and classier will be great. Rock a pair of peep toe heels or sleek black pumps to match the vibe.

Do You Want Your Shoes or Your Outfit to Be the Centerpiece?

This question can help you narrow down your footwear choice after you’ve decided whether to be casual or classy. When you put your outfit together, you should determine if your shoes will be the centerpiece of your outfit or an accent that brings it all together. As the centerpiece, you can rock stand-out shoes like black platform heels or jeweled sandals. These options shine in the spotlight. You might even get a few questions about where you found them.

The Setting of Family Dinner Influences What Kind of Shoes You Should Wear

Where your family dinner is hosted impacts the style of footwear you choose, too. If it’s out in the backyard on a chilly day, sandal wedges might not be the best choice. So, plan ahead for the weather, atmosphere, and even the floor of your dinner setting. Break out the heels, platforms, and wedges for indoor or warm-weather occasions. Switch to boots, clogs, and mules when eating dinner on the patio or at tables in the grass. By taking the setting into account, you can make sure your shoes are ready to take you where you need to go for dinner.

Check With Your Mom and Sisters to See What They’re Wearing

When all else fails, just look to your family for inspiration. Text your sisters or call your mom to see what they plan on wearing. You don’t have to match, but they can be a source of inspiration for your own footwear. If your sister is wearing boots, you can pull out your Western-inspired footwear. Your mom might be rocking a pair of black heels, and you can complement those with some red or navy pumps. The best shoes not only help you look good, but they could even help you feel closer to your favorite people.

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